The green and immense wilderness, the dusty deserts, the sandy beaches and the salty sea, South Australia is, undoubtedly, one of the most attractive states in the world. Capturing many tourists from around the globe, it has provided a thrilling agenda for them all. A must visit place to all the backpackers and adventurers out there. There is a huge array of cities to visit once you land in this part of the country. So here are some must-see places of this wonderful state.

Adelaide, the capital

Adelaide is a combination of delight and glory. From the mouthwatering food to the sparkling wine the cuisine is a must try to all foodies. Of course there are many remarkable landmarks to visit. The small town of Hahndorf is one of them. Famous for its German-style architecture, anyone would be charmed by its hospitality and simplicity. You can always book day trips to Hahndorf from Adelaide.

Kangaroo Island

Regardless of the name you can also find the adorable koalas, sea lions, penguins and some beautiful birds in their natural surrounding in this island. The deep blue sea, warm beaches and the adventurous caves are tempting features of this island. The seafood is another specialty here. The fresh oysters, lobsters, shrimps and fish is a definite taste for all. Set afoot in this island to enjoy its inviting warm breeze.

Barossa Valley

A mix of culture and a region famous for its grape-grow, Barossa valley is another fertile land with many historic landmarks and museums. If you are a history love, then this is a must see sight. A rich history and culture opens up a diverse range of experiences. So this is one of the best places to learn, explore and also relax. Enjoy its unique arts and try the delicious fresh dishes of Barossa Valley. Day tours from Adelaide can be booked easily as it is only an hours away from the Capital of South Australia. Visit this link for more info on day tours from Adelaide.

Mount Gambier

The specialty in Mount Gambier is that it has a strangely beautiful natural phenomena which occurs during November every year. The Blue Lake convert from a dull gray color to a bright cobalt blue. Apart from this, it is an eye-catching place to visit. From the fossils to the lakes to the lagoons rich in birds is a definite eye candy. Wander around this beautiful location to enjoy the mother nature’s wonders.