The following are some amazing things to do at Victoria Fall, both Zimbabwe and Zambia sides. This may not cover almost every single thing you can do, but we have picked the best ones for your convenience. Of course, the time and price on each excursion may vary from one country to another.

The maximum water falls through the Victoria Falls during the months March/ April, and the best season to have photographs taken place would be from May where the water will not spray all pervasively. You can also accommodate yourself at a Victoria Falls safari lodge, while you enjoy the activities.

  • Tour of Falls is an amazing sight, the sound the smell of nature is simply so amazing that no capture taken out of a camera can bring out the actual feeling of being there. If you are staying at a lodge nearby Victoria Falls, you can simply visit on your own. Be that as it may, in the event that you are remaining further away, you may need a tour guide. You will have a walk through the forest and you will get to know about its formation and local traditions and conventions that surrounds it.
  • A sunset cruise in the Zambezi River is one of the classics here at Victoria Falls. Not only is it romantic but being in the middle of the river when that phenomena occur gives out an even more soothing feeling. There are various boats that takes you on this excursion, you may pick one of the wide range and enjoy this amazing ride.
  • You can also find river safaris, this of course in Zambia only, but like other South African safari packages, you will find yourself having a great time on a jet propelled boat where you not only get to explore the river but also the wildlife surrounding it. You can even have your meal there as well.
  • The Royal Livingstone Express, which is also found only in Zambia, is a train that keeps running along 15 km of noteworthy Mulobezi railroad line through the Valley of Zambezi River. Dinner will be served while you are driven back to your hotel.
  • A very popular option taken on by many tourists is the elephant back safari. It is not every day that you get the chance t ride on the back of an elephant now. Once you come to this place, tea/ cordial will be served and once you are given an introduction and a briefing on safety measures you are given the chance to meet the elephant and its handler. You can head of with no more than 2 people on an elephant and enjoy this great ride.

Hope you got an idea as to what great experience you can have at Victoria Falls.